Learn Photography

A short course full of practical tips to help you start using your camera off auto. Be inspired with simple scenarios and easy to apply steps to give you the confidence to photograph your family and friends the way you want to using manual settings. This course is designed for the beginner.

Learn Photoshop

One-on-one course designed to suit your skill level as we work together on real example projects to reflect how you plan to use Photoshop. Perfectly suited to those wanting an intro to the tools used to make simple adjustments and get you started with retouching. Can also be structured to suit those more familiar with Photoshop wanting to fine tune workflow and explore advanced techniques. You do not require any previous experience using Photoshop as this course is always individually tailored to suit you.


Once you have nailed the basics you will be craving more. Explore and expand your skill set with these workshops focussing on various techniques.

  • Mastering Shallow Depth of field
  • Location Portraiture
  • Shooting into the sun
  • Taste of Photoshop

Please note: there is a level of assumed knowledge required to attend these workshops. Make sure you enrol in the intro ‘Learn Photography’ course first! Also open to those confident using manual who may have attained the basics elsewhere.